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Principaux travaux publiés ayant fait appel au plateau technique de Morphométrie


Publications 2017


Borel A., R. Cornette, M. Baylac. 2017. Stone Tool Forms and Functions: A Morphometric Analysis of Modern Humans' Stone Tools From Song Terus Cave (Java, Indonesia). Archaeometry 59(3):455-471

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Fabre, A. - C., Marigó, J., Granatosky, M. C., & Schmitt, D. (2017). Functional associations between support use and forelimb shape in strepsirrhines and their relevance to inferring locomotor behavior in early primates. Journal of Human Evolution, 108, 11–30.


Publications 2016

Clarac, F., Souter, T., Cubo, J., de Buffrénil, V., Brochu, C. and Cornette, R. (2016), Does skull morphology constrain bone ornamentation? A morphometric analysis in the Crocodylia. J. Anat., 229: 292–301. doi:10.1111/joa.12470

Dumont, M., C. E. Wall, L. Botton-Divet, A. Goswami, S. Peigné and A.-C. Fabre (2016). "Do functional demands associated with locomotor habitat, diet, and activity pattern drive skull shape evolution in musteloid carnivorans?" Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 117(4): 858-878.

Fabre A-C, Bickford D, Segall M and A Herrel (2016). The impact of diet, habitat use, and behavior on head shape evolution in homalopsid snakes. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 118(3): 634-647

Segall M., R. Cornette, A-C Fabre, R. Godoy-Diana and A. Herrel (2016), "Does aquatic foraging impact head shape evolution in snakes?" Proc. R. Soc. B 283:20161645.


Publications 2015

Botton-Divet, L., A. Houssaye, A. Herrel, A.-C. Fabre and R. Cornette (2015). "Tools for quantitative form description; an evaluation of different software packages for semi-landmark analysis." PeerJ 3: e1417.

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Dollion, A. Y., R. Cornette, K. A. Tolley, R. Boistel, A. Euriat, E. Boller, V. Fernandez, D. Stynder and A. Herrel (2015). "Morphometric analysis of chameleon fossil fragments from the Early Pliocene of South Africa: a new piece of the chamaeleonid history." The Science of Nature 102(1): 1-14.

Fabre, A.-C., R. Cornette, A. Goswami and S. Peigné (2015). "Do constraints associated with the locomotor habitat drive the evolution of forelimb shape? A case study in musteloid carnivorans." Journal of Anatomy 226(6): 596-610.

Fabre, A.-C., M. J. Salesa, R. Cornette, M. Antón, J. Morales and S. Peigné (2015). "Quantitative inferences on the locomotor behaviour of extinct species applied to Simocyon batalleri (Ailuridae, Late Miocene, Spain)." The Science of Nature 102(5): 1-13.

Chapitre d’ouvrage

Cucchi, T., M. Baylac, A. Evin, O. Bignon-Lau et J-D Vigne (2015), Morphométrie géométrique et archéozoologie : Concepts, méthodes et applications, chapitre 14,  Messages d’os Archéométrie du squelette animal et humain, Collection Sciences Archéologiques sous la direction de Marie Balasse, Jean-Philip Brugal, Yannicke Dauphin, Eva-Maria Geigl, Christine Oberlin et Ina Reiche.

Publications 2014

Bonneau N., Baylac M., Gagey O., Tardieu C. 2014. Functional integrative analysis of the human hip joint: The three-dimensional orientation of the acetabulum and its relation with the orientation of the femoral neck. Journal of human evolution 69: 55-69

Fabre A. C., Cornette R., Perrard A. et al. 2014. A three-dimensional morphometric analysis of the locomotory ecology of Deccanolestes, a eutherian mammal from the Late Cretaceous of India. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 34(1): 146-156

Fabre A. C., Goswami A., Peigné S., Cornette R. 2014. Morphological integration in the forelimb of musteloid carnivorans. Journal of anatomy


Publications 2013

Borel A., Gaillard C., Moncel M. H. et al. 2013. How to interpret informal flakes assemblages? Integrating morphological description, usewear and morphometric analysis gave better understanding of the behaviors of anatomically modern human from Song Terus (Indonesia). Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 32(4): 630-646

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Publications 2012

Bonneau N., Bouhallier J., Baylac M. et al. 2012. Study of the three-dimensional orientation of the labrum: Its relations with the osseous acetabular rim. Journal of Anatomy DOI:10.1111/j.1469-7580.2012.01486.x

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Publications 2011

Barour C., Tahar A., Baylac M. 2011. Forewing shape variation in Algerian honeybee populations of Apis mellifera intermissa L. (Hymenoptera: Apidae): A landmark based geometric morphometrics analysis. African Entomology

Denys C., Lalis A., Lecompte É. et al. 2011. A faunal survey in Kingu Pira (south Tanzania), with new karyotypes of several small mammals and the description of a new Murid species (Mammalia, Rodentia). Zoosystema 33(1) : 5-47

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Publications 2010

Daugeron C., Plant A., Winkler I. et al. 2010. Extreme male leg polymorphic asymmetry in a new Empidine dance fly (Diptera: Empidinae). Biology Letters 7: 11-14

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Publications 2009

Burgio G., Baylac M., Heyer E., Montagutelli X. 2009. Exploration of complex epistatic genetic control of nasal bone shape in the mouse using interspecific recombinant congenic strains. Evolution 63(10): 2668-2686

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